What I Got: Week 5


Starting in back left: Orange Carrots, Mini Purplette Onions , White Onions, Dinosaur Kale, Asian Cucumber, Yellow Straightneck Squash, Slicing Cucumbers, Cherries, Black Raspberries, Blueberries, Green Romano Beans.


Let’s be honest:  I’m just going to straight up eat the cukes, carrots, and all that delicious, delicious fruit.


What I Made: Simple Summer Squash with Vinegar and Tomatoes

This recipe is another winner from The New Vegetarian Cooking for Everyone.  Can you tell I LOVE this cookbook?! This dish is simple, fast, and, oh yeah, cheesy. I work with a limited skillet size (someday when I actually clean up around here I will post a photo of my kitchen so you can get a sense of just how limited in size the whole production is), so I had to cook the squash in batches.  This meant adding more oil, which creates a tradeoff: I feel less healthy, but the squash gets more browned and delicious.

The original recipe calls for sherry or aged red wine vinegar, but I substituted balsamic with no problems.  Use whatever you prefer.

Full recipe follows, but first, some photos. I knew I had to make this recipe, when I found the specific variety of cherry tomatoes recommended by the recipe (Sun Golds) at my local farmers market)!


So pretty, they got their own picture.

First, slice the squash.


Pan fry the squash in oil.  (I used olive oil.)  Feel free to remove pieces as they cook through, adding new slices as you go.


Last, drizzle the squash with vinegar, add halved cherry tomatoes and feta cheese, and enjoy!


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