What I Made: Scallopini alla sorentina

I have the best intentions for recipes I bookmark, but inevitably, some excuse comes up as to why I can’t make them: I don’t have the right ingredients, or it’s too hot to run the oven for that long, or I don’t have enough time. (Similar excuses seem to arise when thinking about going to the gym, but I’ll leave that topic aside.) I got scared off by the time-intensive prep work involved in this recipe from Lidia’s Italy, even after I bought all of the ingredients! The technique was simple, but a 50 minute wait for the eggplant to be ready is too long for my hungry self after work! I started searching for a similar but simpler recipe, and came across this one from Saveur. I decided to combine them into a Franken-recipe, using chicken instead of veal and combining the simpler eggplant prep from Saveur with the more detailed sauce from Lidia’s.



The breaded eggplant technique.


The more complicated homemade sauce.


Ready to east after baking to melt the cheese and thicken the sauce.

The results were good, and I’ve been enjoying the leftovers all week!

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