What I’ve Planned – Week 1

This week’s basket offers a nice, though I assume temporary, break from salad greens. We had a beautiful warm weekend, but there’s another drizzly, cool work week ahead, so my menu definitely leans towards comfort foods!

I’m hoping to be a bit more ambitious with my breakfast and desserts this week, too. I found two recipes to help use up my rhubarb that look delicious.

That’s a lot to do! I better get baking!


What I Made: Rhubarb and Strawberries

Another photo-less post.  I made good use of my rhubarb and strawberries this week by making scones, using this Yankee Kitchen Ninja recipe.   The scones were definitely sticky and even after baking, mine turned out soggy.  I should have added more flour to compensate for the moisture in the strawberries and rhubarb.


I also made a rhubarb crisp, from The New Inglenook Cookbook (note: Amazon affiliate link, you can also find it on this website).  I didn’t have enough rhubarb left for a full recipe, so I had to scale clumsily.  It tasted great, but it wasn’t the most glamorous presentation, so I’m not sorry I don’t have any photos.  The full recipe is below:


Note:  This got soggy as leftovers sat, so eat as much of it straight out of the oven as you can *wink wink*.

What I Made: Collard Greens

No photos for this recipe, but I wanted to share.  I made meat-stuffed collards with my share this week, using a recipe I found in the CSA recipe group.  You basically make a turkey meatloaf stuffing, wrap in the collard leaves, and stew it in a turmeric broth.

A few modifications:

  • I used less ground turkey and doubled the amount of hot sausage.  I was glad I did, because it gave a nice kick to an otherwise bland filling.
  • I couldn’t find turmeric root, so I had to buy dried. (Side note: Turmeric stains everything, fingernails included!  Beware!)
  • Be sure and cut the ribs out further than you think you’ll need.  I got lazy and didn’t cut as far us as I should, and I paid the price with some tough bits after cooking.

What I Made: Asparagus

I’m not sure I ever are asparagus before the first week of my CSA.  I have to say, it’s not bad, especially smothered in cheese and béchamel sauce, as in this recipe for asparagus gratin by Closet Cooking.  I kept to the recipe pretty closely, except to add scallions to mine (another CSA item!).

My attempt is below.  Not as pretty as the Closet Cooking version, but tasty nonetheless.


(My awesome chicken baker was a gift.)


We also grilled some asparagus at a cookout.  They were tossed in olive oil and drizzled with balsamic vinegar.  No photos, but suffice it to say they got a little crispy.  Lesson learned: not much cooking time is needed!