What I’ve Planned – Week 12

  • After being away most of last week, I’m still catching up on the recipes I’d planned for last week and planning for the veggies I haven’t gotten around to using just yet. The list is underwhelming, but I’ll do a combined Weeks 11 and 12 “What I Made” post later this week so you can see what all we actually ate!
  • Also, many of the recipes I’m saving for the end of the week when the heatwave is supposed to subside and I’ll be able to stand having the oven on without fear my air conditioning might not hold out!
  • What I Got – Week 11 2019

    Clockwise from left: ten Bell Peppers, six ears of Sweet Corn, Yellow Wax Beans, Thumbelina Carrots, five Costata Romanesca Zucchini, Little Baby Flower Watermelon, Indigo Rose Tomatoes, Blueberries, two Sweet Onions, four Asian Cucumbers