What I’ve Planned – Week 15

I’ve got an ambitious plan to make up for lost time with my menu this week, including trying to use veggies that have been languishing in the crisper for several weeks now. (Looking at you, cabbage!)

Some old favorites:

And some new ideas:

  • Plum cake (I’ll probably freeze this for later)

I’m also going to see if the cayennes ripen to red on the counter, then dehydrate and crush them to make homemade red pepper flakes!


What I Made: Caprese Salad

My apartment has an air conditioning unit in the window, but to call it “air conditioned” can be a bit of a stretch, especially during these hot, humid summer days.  That’s why being able to limit by use of the oven and use the stove only sparingly is critical in my recipe selection. It’s really just another aspect of cooking seasonally, right?

Most people are familiar with caprese salad: tomatoes, basil, and mozzarella drizzled with olive oil and sprinkled with salt and pepper.  It’s simple to make, looks great with the beautiful heirloom tomatoes I got, and perhaps best of all, requires no cooking!


Ready for its close up, and to become your summer staple.

Ready for its close up, and to become your summer staple.

What I Got: Week 6

This week’s basket was quite a haul.  I’ll start posting quantities so you can get a better idea of just how much this is.


Back row: Blueberry jam (8 oz), blueberries (1 pint), green kale, bulls blood beets, red leaf lettuce, 8-ball zucchini (6).
Front row: Peaches (5), green bell peppers (4), heirloom tomatoes (2), bicolor sweet corn (6 ears), gold zucchini (2), and an asian cucumber (although it really looks like a regular cucumber to me, especially when compared to the bumpy, curved one I got last week).