What I Got – Week 27

Clockwise from left: Scarlet Turnips, Asian Pears, Red Butterhead Lettuce, Gala Apples, Red Chard, All Blue Potatoes, Shallots, Broccoli, Gold Beets, Purple Radishes


What I Got: Week 12


Produce arrangement and photo this week courtesy of my very talented sister

yellow cubanelle peppers, green acorn squash, rainbow chard, golden gem watermelon, red tomatoes, green beans
mixed yummy peppers (yellow, orange and red), fortune plums, baby eggplants, gala apples, red potatoes

Since I’m posting this in much later, here’s a recipe I made with the baby eggplant and completely forgot to document! Stuffed Baby Eggplant from Tyler Florence. ┬áMy eggplant were a little too baby-sized to make this effective, but it was still quite tasty.