What I Made: Oven Baked Ribs with Beets and Potatoes

This post has no recipes.  Astonishing, right?  It’s only because all of the components to this meal are so simple, no recipes are needed, only patience.

I originally found instructions for these oven roasted ribs from Recipe Girl. Start with your rack of beef ribs.  Remove any membrane and rub both sides well with your favorite dry rub.  Put onto a couple of sheets of foil, put a few more sheets on top and crimp edges to create a nice foil packet. Put that on a baking sheet and pop it in a 275 degree oven for 4 to 4.5 hours.


The red potatoes couldn’t have been easier, but they were incredibly tasty.  They were creamy, not too starchy, and all I did was wash and boil them!  Serve with some butter and salt and pepper.


For the beets, trim greens down to about an inch above the beet root.  Apparently this keeps them from losing all the juices as they cook.  Put them in a steamer and steam until easily pierced by a fork.


All good until this point, but the beets are still not edible.  The quickest way to learn how to peel a beet?  Google, obviously.  I came across this YouTube video.

That’s it! Once the beets are cool, just rub them with a paper towel.  Besides making your kitchen look like a crime scene, this is also a super effective technique!


Some butter, salt, and pepper, and the beets are ready as well.


What I Got: Week 6

This week’s basket was quite a haul.  I’ll start posting quantities so you can get a better idea of just how much this is.


Back row: Blueberry jam (8 oz), blueberries (1 pint), green kale, bulls blood beets, red leaf lettuce, 8-ball zucchini (6).
Front row: Peaches (5), green bell peppers (4), heirloom tomatoes (2), bicolor sweet corn (6 ears), gold zucchini (2), and an asian cucumber (although it really looks like a regular cucumber to me, especially when compared to the bumpy, curved one I got last week).