What I Got – Week 27

Clockwise from left: Scarlet Turnips, Asian Pears, Red Butterhead Lettuce, Gala Apples, Red Chard, All Blue Potatoes, Shallots, Broccoli, Gold Beets, Purple Radishes

What I Got – Week 24

Clockwise from left: Jonagold Apples, Bok Choy, Mixed Specialty Lettuce, Leeks, Purple Bell Peppers, Watermelon Radishes, Asian Pears, Hon Tsai Tai, White Acorn Squash, White Sweet Potatoes

What I Got: Week 17

Happy Halloween!  The only thing scary about this basket is the amount of lettuce I need to eat! I have been enjoying a daily fall salad of lettuce with chopped apple and goat cheese, sometimes with toasted walnuts for a boost of protein.

 Red Romaine Lettuce, Baby Red Bok Choy, Young Red Russian Kale

Jonagold Apples, Banana Peppers, Red Beets, Red Radishes, Scarlet Turnips, Mixed Yummy Peppers

Asian Pears, Kiwiberries

The Red Russian Kale looks a lot like arugula or dandelion greens but on closer inspection, feels tougher and more substantial.