Q:  What CSA do you use?

A: My fruits and veggies come from Lancaster Farm Fresh CSA.


Q: I get a CSA through Lancaster Farm Fresh too, but I’m not getting the same stuff and/or you are getting your produce later than I am.  Why?

A:  You caught me.  Sometimes I am out of town and my CSA share gets picked up by friends and family.  Rather than force guest blogging duties upon them, I space out my blog entries and continue numbering my weeks sequentially.


Q: What are those links in your posts?

A: I always try to link to the original recipe, when possible.  Sometimes I link to funny or informational videos. For cookbooks I use, I link to Amazon through an Affiliate account.  Buying from Amazon through my Affiliate link kicks back a small amount of money to me.  This happens no matter what you order through clicking through to Amazon, whether you buy what I specifically link to or not! If I link to it, I own it; I’m not advertising for anyone!


Q: Why are your photos so bad?

A: When I remember to take photos prior to digging in, it’s with my phone (iPhone 6S).  Prior to 2019, however, it’s due to my lack of skill as I try to teach myself how to use my DSLR (Canon Rebel T2i). I am a poor excuse for a photographer and an even worse food stylist.  I really am trying to get better, so if you have tips, get in touch!


Other questions?  Contact me!


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