What I Got – Week 1

This box brings a real mix of spring and summer veggies to start our Spring/Summer CSA season

Clockwise from left: rhubarb, green kale, green cabbage, red beets, red radishes, greenhouse tomatoes, green garlic, little gem romaine lettuce


It’s back!

I’m making an attempt to revive the blog this year. It’s been such a great record of what I made and things I liked and didn’t like as much. Since I last posted, I’ve learned so much and picked up many new ways to use my bounty of fruits and veggies, but I’ve always been missing a way to record and remember it all.

Posts here will probably be a bit scaled back from what I did in the past, like fewer full-length recipes, but I’ll still include a picture of what I received each week and I’ll try to do a meal plan, showing how I think I might use each item during the week. I hope to still include full recipes when something is especially tasty or when I made substantial changes to an online recipe that I want to remember for the future.

I’m still trying to determine what makes the most sense for a posting schedule, so bear with me while I figure things out. We’ll pick up with week three of the summer season – more to come very soon!

Time to Defrost

It’s been a particularly cold and snowy past week few weeks around these parts, which has me dreaming of warmer days. What better way to transport myself to a warmer season than by clearing the backlog I’ve made for myself here! While I’ve been lagging in writing blog posts, I haven’t stopped documenting all the great fruits and vegetables I got from my CSA during the late summer and fall.


The recipes may be a little less descriptive than usual, but I will try my best. I will also only try to post once a day – no one wants recipe overload.


Hope you enjoy the “season in review” these next few days. After all, there are only 10 more weeks until the Spring/Summer CSA season starts!

What’s a Kiwiberry, anyway?

You might have noticed a lack of posts here recently.  Rest assured, I’m still getting my shares (in fact, we’re into Fall season now!) I just haven’t had time to keep up with the blog.  However, I have kept up the cooking pace and have a ton of recipes in the queue just waiting for me to post.  In the meantime, enjoy the barrage of posts as I frantically catch up.

KiwiberryI’ve been getting kiwiberries in my baskets a lot recently. If you’re like most people I’ve spoken to, you’ve probably never heard of kiwiberries, much less tried one.

According to kiwiberry.com, the farm that grows the fruit, kiwiberries are a hardy kiwi with a “no fuzz” skin. I describe them as a kiwi in grape form. Once the fruit turns soft and the skin becomes slightly wrinkled, the berries are ripe. The skin is edible and the flesh has a tangy but sweet flavor which does vary somewhat by variety. They’d be great appetizers at a party on a fruit or cheese tray!


In addition to getting them  with my share, I saw them for sale at some farmer’s markets in the DC area, so you may want to keep an eye out for your chance to try them! (You can also order them in bulk from the grower.) The season is over now, but add it to your seasonal shopping list for next summer.

Confessions of a Carnivore

Honestly, I used to hate vegetables.  As a child, I don’t think anything green passed my lips without much coercion and threats coaxing on the part of my parents.  Green beans were just the trial I had to endure to be allowed to eat dessert.  Once, I ate nothing but chicken tenders and french fries for two weeks.

But recently, something has changed.  I’m eating a variety of foods.  I’ve learned to like love tofu.  And this summer, I took the biggest step yet and signed up for a half vegetable share and a fruit share at a local CSA.

I’m a couple weeks in now*, and I have to say, it’s pretty great.  I’m learning about lots of foods I’ve never eaten before and trying out lots of new recipes.  Turns out I actually like a lot of vegetables! This blog serves record of my adventures in produce and cooking and baking seasonally.

Thanks for following along!



*I’ll try to blog frequently to catch up with my current “crop”.  Apologies in advance for vague posts and blurry pictures as I make up for lost time!