What I Made – Week 3

Here are some photos from what I ended up making this week. I made everything from what I planned except the steak and mushroom tacos – we had way too many leftovers hanging around to justify cooking again! I plan to use the mushrooms in a meat sauce for pasta that I will slow simmer this weekend.

Here’s a quick photo round-up!

Here’s the pan-fried tofu with kale and ramen noodles (adapted from Olives for Dinner).

This is the poke salad, which has marinated tuna and brown rice over the red leaf lettuce. We also topped it with pickled radishes, sliced scallions, avocado, seaweed salad (bought ready-made at HMart), and homemade kale chips. I followed the basic recipe for kale chips from Refinery29, but used about a tablespoon of the marinade from the tofu recipe to season it.

Pictured on our new patio table (yay!), this is the chicken and spinach curry. With sauce made in the blender and cooked in the Instant Pot, I was really glad I tried this. The only change I made to the recipe was to quickly brown the chicken using the sauté button on the Instant Pot.

For those wondering, we did eat food on plates this week, too… but somehow didn’t grab any photos of them.

The only veggies I still need to use besides the mushrooms are the scallions (as predicted) and the green garlic, which will hopefully find its way into a quiche this weekend. Stay tuned for Week 4 coming soon!


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