It’s back!

I’m making an attempt to revive the blog this year. It’s been such a great record of what I made and things I liked and didn’t like as much. Since I last posted, I’ve learned so much and picked up many new ways to use my bounty of fruits and veggies, but I’ve always been missing a way to record and remember it all.

Posts here will probably be a bit scaled back from what I did in the past, like fewer full-length recipes, but I’ll still include a picture of what I received each week and I’ll try to do a meal plan, showing how I think I might use each item during the week. I hope to still include full recipes when something is especially tasty or when I made substantial changes to an online recipe that I want to remember for the future.

I’m still trying to determine what makes the most sense for a posting schedule, so bear with me while I figure things out. We’ll pick up with week three of the summer season – more to come very soon!


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