What I Made: Collard Greens

No photos for this recipe, but I wanted to share.  I made meat-stuffed collards with my share this week, using a recipe I found in the CSA recipe group.  You basically make a turkey meatloaf stuffing, wrap in the collard leaves, and stew it in a turmeric broth.

A few modifications:

  • I used less ground turkey and doubled the amount of hot sausage.  I was glad I did, because it gave a nice kick to an otherwise bland filling.
  • I couldn’t find turmeric root, so I had to buy dried. (Side note: Turmeric stains everything, fingernails included!  Beware!)
  • Be sure and cut the ribs out further than you think you’ll need.  I got lazy and didn’t cut as far us as I should, and I paid the price with some tough bits after cooking.

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